Short Term Accommodation & Respite

Everything About Short Term Accommodation & Respite

Currently, there are many positive things that people with disabilities and their caregivers can do. Of course, you need a little vacation after a pretty hectic routine.

Take a day off or take a break by taking advantage of Short Term Accommodation. STA is an official institutional program that aims to provide positive opportunities for persons with disabilities.

This program has been running for several years and has succeeded in making people with disabilities and their caregivers’ rest.

You can enjoy this assistance with the caregiver. You can live in a housing and rest or do anything else you want.

Short Term Accommodation & Respite

All About STA

STA is a program that aims to provide care and rest to you and your caregivers. The purpose of this program is quite a lot, and it comes back to you.

Here are things you need to know about accommodation that you can use as a place to live independently:

1. Choose As Needed

When you and your caregiver decide to take a break, you can take advantage of this program. Here you can explore all your desires and goals.

In this place, you will find a community that has the same interests and goals as you. This means that you can develop your network and build social skills here.

You can even participate in some community activities. Your interaction skills and social skills will be tested in this program. Contact us for your Registered NDIS Provider Perth.

2. Make New Friends

As people with disabilities, our friends may be limited. But in this program, you can meet a lot of new people.

Even here, you can meet a mentor who will accompany you to do all the activities in this program.

STA’s primary goal is to prepare you for a more independent life. Although this program is only temporary, you can continue it if you are ready to live independently.

There are many activities that you can participate in during this program. So not only rest, but you will interact and meet new people.

3. New Activity

This temporary accommodation can be a place to get to know new activities. Not only accompanied by a nanny, here all your needs will be met.

This program has many practical activities. Its main goal is to prepare you to live independently.

You can enjoy various social activities and join the community. You can do hobbies or things you like with friends who have the same interests as you.

4. Exit Safe Zone

People with disabilities usually have a safe zone that they don’t want to let go of. In this program, you will find your other-self.

Here you can try various social skills to improve your skills. You even dare to get out of the safe zone and enjoy life.

5. Increase Independence

STA and respite will help you to increase your independence by participating in various community activities.

You will be accompanied by a mentor so that you can be more daring to interact. Even after leaving here, you will be ready to live independently with the housemates you will meet.