5 Places To Explore Melbourne

Melbourne is the capital city of Australia. This city has natural beauty and multicultural wealth. In Melbourne you will see how elegant and majestic this small town is. In fact, according to experts, Melbourne is one of the most livable cities.

The city of Melbourne is often the top city where people want to live in. It has a beautiful area because it has many trees along the road. Melbourne also has a distinctive European architectural style.

Apart from its streets and cool areas, Melbourne also has a wealth of culinary delights. Many of the world’s chefs come from Australia.

Where to Explore in Melbourne

So what can we explore in Melbourne? Here’s a list of what you can do:

  1. Try the Best Coffee

Melbourne is synonymous with very good coffee and has even been recognized in the world. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city of Melbourne which is quite dense, you can stop by a coffee shop to try the best coffee.

The world’s baristas even admit that Australian coffee is the best. And many of the world’s famous baristas are from Australia. You won’t find bad coffee here.

Even if you explore on foot, you will find coffee shops down a small alley. For those of you who are coffee lovers, there is a special tour that you can take, namely Melbourne Coffee Tours. Here you will be invited to tour Melbourne by trying the best coffee shops.

  1. Flinders Street Station and Federation Square

If you are looking for cultural landmarks in Melbourne, you can visit flinders street station. Here you will find an old building that was built in 1910. Here you will also find the most famous train station in Australia.

Across from Flinders Street Station you will find the arts center. There will be many art exhibitions here and there is a famous art gallery, the Potter Center Art Gallery.

  1. Going to the Royal Botanical Garden

If you are looking for a cool and cool place, you must come to the Royal Botanical Garden. This place becomes the Royal Botanical Garden, one of the best in the world.

This place was founded in 1846 and has an area of ​​38 hectares. Here you will find 8500 plants and some of the rare plants in the world. You can come to this place for free and must come if you are visiting Melbourne.

  1. Melbourne Arts Center

If you have visited Flinders Street Station, you will find the Yarra River. A short walk will find an arts and crafts market.

This place is also a festival venue every year. Identical to its towers, this arts center has many theaters and orchestra halls.

  1. Melbourne Museum

In this museum, the history of Australian society, namely the Aborigines, is stored. There is also a cultural center here called Aboriginal Bunjilaka. Invite your family to get to know Australia’s history at this museum.

Those are 5 things you can get when exploring Melbourne. Have a good vacation