The Best Sea Food Restaurant in Melbourne

Australia is the best seafood producing country in the world. Crab, fish, oysters are very famous in this country. If you are planning a vacation to Melbourne, you should try seafood culinary.

Melbourne is famous for its many good restaurants. Besides you can enjoy the best coffee in the world, Melbourne also has many seafood restaurants that you must visit.

List of Seafood Restaurants in Melbourne

You can find fresh and delicious seafood from almost all parts of Australia. Fresh seafood of course tastes very good and sweet. Here is a list of seafood restaurants in Melbourne that you can visit:

  1. Claypots Seafood and Wine

The most suitable drink to accompany enjoying seafood is wine. In this restaurant you will get the best seafood dishes accompanied by a glass of wine. The character of this restaurant is a large octopus which indicates that you are entering the Claypots restaurant.

The location is on St. Kilda. Here you can enjoy fresh oysters cooked with the taste of Southeast Asian food. Besides that, you can enjoy fresh crab dishes with lots of meat and soft.

While eating seafood, you can order a glass of wine and enjoy live music. This restaurant is quite queued, so come early.

  1. Kappo Restaurant

This restaurant is very unique, because we will eat dishes selected by the chef. This chef in Kappo will have five, seven or nine dishes for us.

Here all the seafood ingredients are fresh. You will find salmon egg dishes, yuzu, seafood spaghetti. While waiting for food, you can also see the chef’s process of cooking your food.

  1. Atlantic Restaurant

In this restaurant you will get fresh seafood dishes. You can choose the menu of sashimi, shrimp, freshly peeled oysters, clams that are still alive. Here you will only find fresh food.

So for those of you who don’t like fresh seafood dishes, you can look for other restaurant recommendations. This fresh seafood menu will be served with various choices of sauces. You can also order a bottle of wine to accompany your meal.

  1. Bacash Restaurant

if you are a fan of sushi, you can come to this restaurant. One of the mainstay menus is sushi. The seafood used is also fresh and covered with rice and seaweed.

Don’t forget to add a touch of soy sauce. You can enjoy delicious fresh seafood dishes at this Asian-style restaurant.

  1. Meat Fish Wine

The location is in the CBD. This place provides a selection of fresh seafood such as oysters, shellfish, crab, fish. Choose dishes according to taste. All dishes in this restaurant are cooked by experienced chefs. So it sure tastes good.

Besides that, you can choose the best wine. This restaurant provides 500 wine choices. Besides that, there is also a Wagyu menu here. Try it with your wife and family.

  1. Sweet and Salt

A restaurant name that describes the taste of fresh fish, namely sweet and salty. In this restaurant, the menu served is fish and several choices of grilled fish. Besides that, you can also order crab bread, shrimp spring rolls and other menus.

  1. Miss Katie’s Crab Shack

The location is in Fitzroy, here providing seafood that is full of spicy flavors. This seafood restaurant provides fresh dishes such as shrimp, clams and mussels.

Besides that, you can also get a salad as a side dish. Perfect for dinner with your partner.

  1. Richmond Oyster

For lovers of oyster dishes, a must visit to Richmond. Here you will find the best oysters in Australia. There is also a menu of cream risotto paired with fresh oysters.

Those are 8 seafood restaurants in Melbourne that you can visit.